I Tell You My Story...

Thanks for being here first of all! I started to play music at the age of 9. I followed a teacher for a few years in the beginning. I realized very soon that my path of music was going to be very different. I didn't like studying music. I wanted to be creative and I hated doing exercises. In fact, I was doing them only before going to my weekly classes. 

I understood very soon that music is a different thing of what many people believe! At the age of 14, I bought my drumkit and started playing on top of records and jamming with my friends. And I realized that musical skills can be learned and cultivated in a different way. At that point, I refused to study music theory, I decided to learn just by myself only using my ears.

While everybody around me was pushing me to study otherwise I would never be successful in my music career, I persisted. I bought more than 40 musical instruments in my life of any kind and from all over the world. And I learned on my own how to play them. I am not a genius and later on, I will tell you why.

Although, I was very good at playing music all the people around me discouraged me to pursue this dream. My family and friends were saying to me that I was never going to make a living out of my passion and many times they invited me to put my feet on the ground and stop dreaming. It was tough at the beginning. Also because by not learning music as everybody does, I had developed my own unique style of playing that was really appreciated, by it was not that common.

For many years, I tried to turn my passion into my career. But I failed to turn it into my main source of income. I was trying anything I could from gigging to create an online business, but nothing seemed to work. One day I decided to give up and do what other people do: getting an ok job, to pay the bills and live normally. I lasted only 5 days then I sent everybody to hell! I sold all the musical equipment I had in my studio and went to America, following the American dream :-)

At that stage, I only had three bags, a few clothes, and some instruments that were the most portable ones I could take with me on my travel. Something magical happened when I landed in the US. I started to give concerts and music workshops in lots of places. But all of a sudden, things do not start to flow anymore in other parts of my life. So I decided to change the country and to go on the Caribbean coast of Mexico. I always had a big dream about white sand and palm tree :-)

When I arrived in Mexico something incredible happened! I was invited by the biggest hotels and resorts to play there, and I was offered music residencies in the most expensive places in Tulum. In that moment of my life, I discovered my unique power: I was able to create a kind of music that was making people feel instantly relaxed, and I was creating improvised music concerts using many musical instruments from all over the world.

I was working in the music healing world for these big companies that were making lots of money while promoting well-being. I had the chance to collaborate with famous musicians in the music industry and play in big festivals. But when everything seemed to be working, I realized that there was something wrong! I was authentically trying to create beautiful experiences that were healing and empowering people through music. While they were only interested in making more profit! My heart was not there anymore, and I left and went completely in a different direction.

I moved to Ibiza, in the party island, with the strong idea that my music, and its authenticity through my spontaneous creation concerts were going to be felt even on the dance floor. I adapted my style to the island! And I was right! I was playing lots of concerts and I was earning good money. I produced a record, and I knew that this was going to be my way of supporting and growing my music career. I published an Ep with a record label. And I thought that was going to be my path. 

Within the industry, I found lots of competition, egocentric people, people who were not valuing your work only because your name was not big. And, ultimately, a big artist took advantage of one work with did together.

Bottom line, I am not a big fan of the music industry. Although, I love playing music and helping people to develop their musical creativity. I am a big fan of people like you, who like what I do and want to possibly learn more about how to play music through direct contact with me. For this reason, I have created a 
Patreon page, to cut the music industry out and being able to connect genuinely with you and to have a direct personal relationship together.

One of the most fulling things for me is to help people grow and develop on this journey. And I have developed a method that I have shared in 3 continents for people like you and me who want to learn to play music without studying music theory, and who have maybe put that aspiration on the side because everybody around them was saying that it was not possible.

I am the living proof! And I want to be able to help you and share with you exclusive music available only to
Patreons, creative music tutorials, music videos, online classes, and songs that I have already published. I believe in a new model of supporting my work and it is by providing a great service and building a good relationship with people who like my work!

For this reason, I invite you to check all the 
different monthly options that I have created to serve you, inspire you, and help you learn music on this page. If you have any doubt, send me an email at

PS: and if you are not happy with what you find inside the Private Community and all the videos, tutorials, music I share personally with you, you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time! I want you to know that I am dedicating my full-time resources to this mission and I will try to convey more than what you can expect! 

This is the way I am earning my living now, and I will appreciate any possible help.
Thank you!

I hope you are having a wonderful day!
See you inside the community!
Andrea Castrogiovanni aka Ayan


Italian Music Producer &



PS: Send an email if you want to know more. I am here to help!

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