The shamanic sound healing is a perfect experience for anyone who wants to completely relax and heal emotionally, spiritually, and physically. It is an opportunity to discover an ancient space of inner stillness, which only people who have practiced meditation for many years can access with ease.


The shamanic sound healing is a musical meditation that uses archetypal sounds that are able to scientifically change the functioning of the human brain, and that gives access to a state of deep meditation - which brings an immediate sense of well-being, clarity, joy, and inspiration. 


The session begins with a talk about the natural state of the human mind, according to a non-dual tantric tradition of Tibet, followed by a guided meditation that helps to relax the body and mind and be receptive for the sound healing. 


The sound healing varies in length according to the number of participants. The session can be individual, in groups, or integrated within big events such as festivals and corporate meetings. The session includes the use of various musical instruments and chants. 

Are you interested in booking a session or to host it in your festival or private event?

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Check and book the Shamanic Sound Healing on Airbnb or drop me an email. 

Email:     Whatsapp: +39 379 147 3204

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