• Jiaoshi Andrea Castrogiovanni Ayan

A New Vision Of Music & Well-being

Updated: Aug 7

This video is about a new method, a new vision about music that I have developed through the years. An approach to music that leads to infinite creative capabilities, and great well-being. I have always been interested in spirituality and music, and at some point, I realized that the two things are not that different, if they are approached in the right way.

The method that I am going to share with you on this video reflects my personal story and the incredible difference that it made in my personal and creative life. Some of the most relevant outcomes were an incredible boost of creativity, the ability to renew myself artistically constantly, and to be able to get my mind into a particular state when performing and composing music, that allows me to be more objective and less identified with my own little personality.

It is a way of transcending your Ego through music, so rather than increasing your self-importance as a person allows to go deeper into the understanding of your own functioning of your mind. This method is based on "play by ear", but not in the conventional sense. it extends the concept of music to any sound that we perceive and it aims to put you in a position of "hearing" music anywhere, cultivating what I call the "the art of listening", of becoming an observer of life in that particular moment.

Amongst other "mystical benefits" that you can receive out of this practice :-) It helps you find your own creative voice and go beyond any personal limitation.

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