The Millennial Practice that Increases, Unlocks and Releases your Life Energy (Qi), in a Concrete and Visible Way, For Health, Spiritual Growth, Patient Treatment, and Martial Excellence

Get immediately two basic exercises: body alignment and abdominal breathing

Nei Qi Gong's school is recognized by CONI in Italy and FEETAM (Spanish Federation of Traditional Schools of Martial Arts, recognized by the Spanish Ministry of the Interior).



Almost all Chinese holistic therapies, martial arts, and spiritual and longevity practices are based on "Qi": the vital energy that flows into the meridians (channels) of the body and regulates its fundamental functions, which determine health, strength, psychophysical well-being, longevity, and consciousness.


The problem is that Qi is generally still an abstract concept because the practices taught - in the West but also in the East, from Qi Gong to Tai Chi and Reiki - are based on the mechanical repetition of movements and/or physical sensations that are too light. 


The Nei Qi Gong, on the other hand, has kept the original practices intact and allows a quick direct Qi experience, with benefits from the first weeks.


The goal is to accumulate more Qi than you need for your health so that you are not only well, but (if you wish) use the surplus to:


- Helping others through deep and often decisive therapies and treatments 

- Spiritually evolving by accessing higher states of consciousness (the so-called "spiritual Qi", Ling Qi, which is called at the top of the head)

- Bringing martial arts (of any style) to their fullest expression (Shifu Costantino trained "behind the scenes" national champions and teachers from many disciplines)

The few teachers who still maintain this practice, such as Master Zhou in China and Master Luo in Thailand, are famous for their extraordinary manifestations of energy.


From lighting a fire with bare hands to moving objects at a distance, from curing even deep imbalances to transmitting strong electric shocks of Qi, ideal for experiencing energy immediately.


Shifu Costantino Valente is the only Westerner who has completed the entire practice course with these two teachers, of whom he is a formal Tu Di (direct student).


Today he teaches a complete self-coding system, in which he has condensed the methods of his teachers and his own 40-year experience, suitable for those (like us Westerners) who have little time to practice and be able to take you from zero to the final result.


It is the first complete Nei Qi Gong educational system in the world, which was also called to teach in China itself.

It is suitable for people of any age and physical shape since it only involves slow movements and internal work.

Jiaoshi Andrea Castrogiovanni (Ayan) is the only representative of the Nei Qi Gong school in Spain, a direct student of Shifu Costantino Valente, recognized by FEETAM (Spanish Federation of Traditional Schools of Martial Arts, recognized by the Ministry of the Interior of Spain).

Nei Qi Gong School:

Jiaoshi Andrea Castrogiovanni (Ayan) and Shifu Costantino Valente

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In 30 years of Qi Gong I have never seen an actual emission of Qi. Then I met Master Zhou ...


My name is Giorgio S. and I have been practicing Qi Gong since November 1976. For about ten years I have practiced only external styles, with two different Masters, one Irish and the other Chinese. Meeting with a Master who practiced internal styles made me realize that practice is not just kicking and hitting and that there is a world where true strength is not in physics, but there is another force that is much more powerful that does not diminish with the advance of the years, but, on the contrary, increases more and more.


With this Master, I practiced intensely for 17 years, until his unfortunate premature death. After his death, I continued to practice following his teachings and meeting many (Chinese) Qi Gong masters, very famous in the West. Despite having practiced Qi Gong, with dedication and perseverance, for 30 years, I could not do or see a real Qi emission. I witnessed teachers blowing up their students with a single wave of the hand or just looking at it. When I asked to try it, they told me that I was not ready to receive Qi and that it would have been dangerous.

In my opinion, neither of them was able to emit Qi. It was mental conditioning that led the students to follow all the movements of their teacher. I must say that, despite various disappointments, I have always believed that there was great strength within us and that we only needed to find a way to use it, so I put myself, even with a bit of skepticism, to search the Internet everything concerned about the Qi topic. I discovered Shifu Costantino's site and decided to enroll in Nei Qi Gong courses. In November, I was allowed to go to China and personally meet Master Zhou. It was like leaving a room where I have been locked up for years and finally seeing what's outside.


Master Zhou is a wonderful, humble, and kind person, with a great desire to teach all those who have the humility to learn. Without many rounds of words, he made me feel his Qi, and, without touching me, he gave it to me. I had seen Master Zhou emit Qi to other people, but feeling it myself was something that cannot be explained, and that makes you change completely. It is not about suggestions or sensations, it is not about "it seems that I feel something", it is an immense force that stuns and that few men in the world can dominate. I don't know where I can go on my new path, but now I really know that there are people who can teach me.


Giorgio S.

No more crutches after two sessions ... 


I am a martial arts teacher and about two years ago, a student suffered a sprained knee while practicing wrestling on the ground. He immediately went to the doctor and after several investigations, discovering that there were no breaks, the cure was: anti-inflammatories, guardians, crutches, and rest.


However, after a few days, since there were no improvements, I suggested that the student try to go to teacher Valente, who knew that he had already helped other people. The teacher made the student sit down and, through his hands, carried the electric current in some points of his leg. After less than an hour, he told us that he had done what he could and that if the student had benefited and still needed it, he knew where to find it.


The amazement was that the student got up and left without using crutches, saying that it seemed that he had never had any problems. The truth is that the day after a little pain he came back and took another session to finally solve the problem. 

Michele F.

The next day, the knee returned to normal, thanks to the electrical energy carried by the master...

My name is Carla, I am 28 years old. About eight months ago, I had a problem with my right knee, for about ten days it was swollen, uncomfortable and painful, and did not tend to improve even when I was resting, and also was unable to take medication due to breastfeeding. With a little fear, led by my husband, I underwent a therapy session with Shifu Valente.


The concern has given way to amazement when the teacher's fingers have touched some points near the knee. Gradually, first light and then more dominant, an electric current, transmitted by the master's body, moved to my leg. Instantly, I felt a feeling of well-being and lightness in the knee, free of discomfort and pain. The next day, the knee returned to normal.


Carla M.

I fully recovered from a serious chronic health problem...

I could speak for a long time about everything Shifu Constantino and Nei Qi Gong have done for me. Over the years I have had the privilege of accompanying these Masters on their trips and spending a lot of time with them, and even today this discipline continues to be one of the most important practices of my life.


I fully recovered from a serious chronic health problem I had from birth (considered incurable by official medicine). I realized and mastered my body, and its functions in ways I could never have imagined (but still infinitesimal compared to my Masters). I have acquired a level of energy that allows me to maintain a very high work rate and recharge quickly, thanks to which today I can easily guide an entire spiritual movement and take care of an incalculable number of people.


I was fortunate in this life to meet many spiritual teachers and beings out of the ordinary, but I can say that Shifu Costantino and Nei Qi Gong are among the most precious treasures I have found, and what I can say will never express it truly the gratitude I feel for them.


Surya Cillo

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Nei Qi Gong aims to grow awareness of Dan Tian, ​​the "energy reservoir" of our body, and fill it with Qi (vital energy), more than is necessary for a person's health, in order to use the surplus for therapeutic, spiritual and/or martial purposes. To achieve this, many Taoist schools have developed various methods. Some have developed a softer approach to the problem, others are more direct and harsh. Strict Chinese discipline often believed that one had to choose among the numerous suitors, who were truly fit and ready to be educated and initiated on this path.


For this reason, students had to bear very hard preparatory exercises, often useless, which did not fit at all with the subject of the teaching, for the sole purpose of discouraging those with a little will. Those who passed these "tests" showed that they were ready and had the basis to continue. Instead, the path of Nei Qi Gong coded by Shifu Costantino goes instead "direct to the point" and condenses the methods of his mastery and his experience into a clear and well-structured step-by-step system (where Chinese teaching is often instinctive and not very structured).


The system is especially suitable for those with little time to practice and can drive from scratch to the final result. It is open to all and the only selection is based on the desire to learn and dedication to practice, without which no result can be achieved. The course is structured in 6 basic practices and 6 superior practices.



With the first basic practice, we begin the study of a form of Qi Gong, which comes from the Emei Shan tradition, which has multiple objectives. Physically, it unlocks the circulation of energy through postural exercises, even the most intense, that open the individual joints and free the meridian pathways.


This sequence, called XING SHEN ZHUANG GONG, is "The method of the reunification of the Shen, the formless, the spirit that aspires to heaven, in the Xing, the container, the form, the structuring framework." A clear indication of how Qi Gong cannot ignore an important relationship between the animating energy and the animate body. This work, while basic, is actually a complex system of exercises in which the mind directs Qi at key points in Chinese energy, which are physically stimulated by admirably constructed postures.


The practice of the true Nei Qi Gong leads to a relocation of the entire energy system to the Dan Tian, ​​the area below the navel seen as a Qi reserve, a gold reserve to use in case of need or if launched towards higher goals of self-realization.


In the second basic practice, we see the first important breathing exercise, the YANG QI GONG, designed to develop the presence of Qi Yang in the body. Good Qi in the Yang phase means having more vitality, strength, vigor, alertness, greater sexual abilities, and creates the necessary energy substrate to be able to face the following paths.


This set of techniques includes the ability to control breathing, channeling Qi with the mind to key parts of the body's energy harvesting and stimulation, and helps to revitalize the lower doors of Qi.


In the third basic practice, we are faced with a form of meditation that opens the doors to both the fundamental forms of Taoist practice, such as the Previous Heaven (Xian Tian) and the Later Heaven (Hou Tian) methods. The ZHENG SONG DA FA, or the "Erect Growth and Relaxation" method, both symbolically and physically, gives the practitioner the necessary tool to be able to perform silent meditations over the long term.


Therefore, the concentration necessary to remain alert and in the correct posture is obtained for a perfect flow of Qi in the body. This is an ancient technique (Zhang San Feng, the founder of Tai Ji Quan is said to be a scholar) that implements the flow of Zheng Qi and Jing Qi collection in Dan Tian, ​​to form the collection basin in the that with Nei Qi Gong he will do Yin and Yang Qi for the constitution of Dan, the pearl.


In the fourth basic practice, an initiation is made to invoke the LING QI (Spiritual Energy). Transmission through specific symbols and sounds belongs to the Chinese tradition, as indeed much of what has developed in the spiritual and energy field in the Far East.


In the fifth basic practice, from the constructed meditative structure, we begin to perform the breathing techniques called HOU TIAN XI, that is, postnatal breathing, which follows the natural flow of air in abdominal breathing. This technique is a great example of how, step by step, you can work on the Dan Tian by opening its doors and coming to have a tangible perception without false feelings of Gui Qi, that is illusory Qi.


In the sixth basic practice, through the XIAN TIAN XI practice, we transform breathing from a horizontal to a vertical plane, reversing the natural flows of Qi.



Always attentive to the possibility of absorbing and exchanging energy from natural elements, some Chinese teachers have studied the possibility of using electric current as an energy source in the last century, seeing and observing how, in fact, the most evident manifestation of Qi in those who have the ability of the Fa Qi (to emit Qi), were a sensation of current flowing in the body.


This method, kept secret, produces:

- an acceleration of the processes of accumulation of Qi

- achieving a high level of control over the entire nervous system, to be able to control even involuntary contraction of muscles even under electrical or pain stimulation


At the end of the learning path, the practitioner can remain connected to the electrical voltage even at 220 V, without suffering damage, throughout the practice. A system will be taught to intervene with treatments of "electrical pressure with the fingers".


Through contact between people, it will be possible to transmit in sensitive points an adequate electrical stimulation that activates the healing processes, which are decisive for many diseases. This system, used in some Chinese hospitals by experienced Qi Gong masters, has long been an important healing system.


In the second upper practice, LIAN GONG, energy is allowed to flow in certain areas of the body, especially by stimulating the Lao Gongs and increasing awareness of the circulation of energy.

3 - DA ZUO

In the third higher practice, DA ZUO, in a sitting position continues the circulation of energy in the body, becoming aware of the path that joins the Dan Tian with Lao Gongs.


In the fourth superior practice, TONG ZI GONG, the Jing is refined and the Qi accumulates in Dan Tian, feeling it, and facilitating the circulation in the body. In this phase, it is possible to transfer energy to others by contact.


In the fifth superior practice, LIANHE DANTIAN, the three Dan Tian meet and, through two particular energy circulations and a specific breathing technique, the Fa Gong (energy emission) is practiced.

6 - SHEN GONG or XIANG GONG (Incense technique)

The sixth superior practice, the SHEN GONG or XIANG GONG, is also called the "incense technique" because the individual practice begins with the use of particular incense sticks and whose duration is precisely related to the duration of the incense.


The complete transmission of the symbol (FU or GONG), the recitation of an invocation and the Mudras in which the hands are placed, are at the center of this practice, the totality of which is the prerogative of a few, but which gives transmission characteristics at a distance from its own ability to emit Qi.


Finally, as the pinnacle of teaching held for centuries in restricted circles of esoteric Taoist schools, we convey a practice in which Hou Tian and Xian Tian intersect with the supreme call of Ling Qi (Spiritual Energy).

clases y seminarios En España:


The old ritual of acceptance of the new student takes place between basic and superior practices, that from now becomes part of the restricted family.


It is not necessary to finish the entire path to see its benefits.

Each practice is complete in itself and improves not only your health but your physical coordination, relaxation, breathing, psychophysical balance, energy level, in an evident way in your daily life.

The Nei Qi Gong path can guide you to the final result of emitting energy, but you decide how far you want to go, according to your personal goals.

For sure, you have the certainty that the practices are extremely effective, and the path really works.


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