Jiaoshi Andrea Castrogiovanni (Ayan) is an Italian Nei Qi Gong instructor, music producer, multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer, teacher, and creator and founder of the "Music for Mindfulness" method

Ayan has been playing more than 40 musical instruments in his life without studying and has been developing a system to use sound as a tool to grow awareness and free self-expression.


Ayan has played concerts and led workshops in 3 different continents, released music on record labels, collaborated and played with famous artists such as Nicola Cruz & Ayub Ogada, and had music residencies in some of the most relevant venues of Tulum and Ibiza.


After moving the first steps into the music industry, and being noticed and appreciated for his work, Ayan quickly realized that the music industry was not the place where he wanted to be.


Surrounded by competition, superficiality, fakeness, egocentric attitude, drugs, and a general lack of deep meaning, Ayan decided to leave the industry and dedicate himself completely to teaching Nei Qi Gong (Online) and Music for Mindfulness (Online)


Curious about the human mind and reality from a young age, Ayan's spiritual journey starts reading books and exploring drugs as tools to investigate consciousness - participating also several times in traditional ayahuasca and peyote ceremonies.

Ayan also became a formal student of Rishi Chony Dorje, a teacher of Tibetan Dzogchen and Vajrayana teachings. Despite Ayan's deep dedication to the path, he realized that his ability to express himself freely into the world was still limited. The Music for Mindfulness method was created by this specific need: growing free self-expression as well as awareness, in a spontaneous and not structured way.

Finally, Ayan met Shifu Costantino Valente and discovered the Nei Qi Gong. He fell in love with the practices and realized that his spiritual search was over. Today Ayan is an authorized instructor of Nei Qi Gong (Online)

Email: ayan@ayansound.com     Whatsapp: +39 379 147 3204

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